About Joanne

Joanne is an Iridologist, an author, and a personal transformation life-coach. She currently lives in Surrey, England and has two grown-up daughters.

Joanne graduated from The College of Herbs and Natural Healing, where she studied under the direction of Dr Kitty Campion, a global specialist in natural health and healing and a pioneer in the field of natural medicine.

Joanne trained as an Iridologist and qualified with distinction for the most highly advanced qualification in holistic Iridology around the globe today. She was completing her studies with John Andrews MH, Ir, FGNI, International pioneer in modern Iridology and author of five books.

From 2005 to 2006 Joanne studied at The College of Natural Nutrition in London. After this Joanne pursued her passion and fascination for spiritual awareness, emotional healing and personal development. This led her to work with some of the truly great and very gifted transformational coaches in the field of emotional healing.

Here Joanne was able to deepen her understanding of the direct correlation between emotional suppression and its physical manifestations. This transformational work included emotional healing techniques and personal development treatments. This includes Access Consciousness, Ki massage, Cranial Osteopathy, Brennan Healing and Transformational Body Work.

Joanne has been in private practise for over 17 years and has developed two thriving health clinics: Total Balance, a centre for natural health & colonic hydrotherapy, and Simply Equilibrium, a centre for cleansing and detoxification. 

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