Six Essential Facts that an empowered woman would never do…

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There’s nothing more attractive than a woman with purpose and a smile! I’ve had the privilege to meet so many wonderful positive women throughout my career and have noticed that the women who say they feel visibly attractive are the women who have grasped that to access their own unique authentic beauty, to look and feel really beautiful deep within … Read More

A step in the right direction

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of developing new business?  I want to share something with you that can nip those anxious thoughts in the bud and not let them thwart your creative plans. First of all, if you’ve ever felt anxious about starting a new business venture, I want to assure you that you’re not … Read More

Ten ways to make a positive change to your life

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As a life coach and nutritionist, many of my clients come to me asking to make a positive difference in their life. One way or another. Here I guide you through ten ways that could help make a positive change. Take a little time each day Concentrate on your breath. When you breathe deeply, everything slows down, and you become … Read More