I am honoured to be part of the wellness revolution with Touchstone Essentials and I feel totally privileged to work with such pure, organic, and botanical products.


For thousands of years people have been using plants, herbs, and nature’s organic produce to heal the body of illness and disease. The powerful and rejuvenating properties of plants are also extremely beneficial for feeling well in general – they will give you the energy to rise up and live your life to the full, just the way nature intended!


We all have a desire to feel beautiful. In fact feeling beautiful, healthy, and sensual, is a natural state of being that’s woven deeply into our genes.


Most of us are careful about what products we use on our skin. We’re also mindful about what we eat, and we make sure we’re sufficiently hydrated, and yet, in order to feel our best we also need to pay close attention to nutritional supplementation.



Our aim is to enhance the health and longevity of millions of families around the world by bringing them wholefood organic nutritional support in the form of freshly farmed organic fruits, vegetables, carefully chosen herbs, minerals, enzymes and probiotics.



Eddie Stone, founder of Touchstone Essentials, has a vision and as part of the Touchstone community I share in that vision.  We are dedicated to sharing our expertise and knowledge so that you can support your body with natural, organic products produced to the highest of standards.

Human evolution has not been without a price.  We are living in a world where we are exposed to an estimated 80,000 chemicals a day, and what with our fast paced and hectic lives it’s become an all too easy option to turn to take-away and pre-packaged convenience meals which are totally lacking in the essential nutrients we need in order to thrive.   We eat rich foods and consume far too much sugar, and most of us simply have too much stress in our lives.  All this leaves us undernourished and prone to oxidative stress, obesity, illness, imbalances and disease.

In the western world our healthcare systems are at a crisis point as we face serious health care challenges and an increase in degenerative illnesses in people of all ages.  It’s not possible to fix the healthcare system unless you have a prevention, and we have that prevention with Touchstone Essentials.


Touchstone Essential products are skilfully formulated to ensure that each product delivers an essential range of nutrient rich organic nutrition.

Touchstone Essential products are rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, essential fatty acids, enzymes, herbs and probiotics.

This cutting edge nutritional support is bio-available and readily absorbed by your body.

The Touchstone Essentials produce is grown without the use of pesticides and herbicides.

Produce is harvested at its most nutritious point and then cold pressed to maintain the live nutrition we need to support:

Cardiovascular health, brain function, glowing skin, a healthy immune system, a healthy digestive system and metabolism, good eye site, and optimum cellular health.


I am often asked how I support my health and what supplementation I take.

I have what I call my “bed rock” and that’s a set of supplements I take daily.   In addition to this I follow a healthy balanced diet and I drink between two to three litres of water every day.  I practise natural health, I invest in my emotional wellbeing, and I cleanse and detoxify my body three to four times a year.


I start the day by cleansing and protecting my cells and for this I take:

Pure Body (4 drops) and Pure Body Extra Strength (4 sprays)

3 Essential capsules.  The equivalent of eating 33 servings of fruit, vegetables and herbs!  Essentials slows down the aging process, protects my heart, immune system, eyes and so much more!

2 Capsules of Green Energy. For optimum energy.  Green Energy is designed to help keep your red blood cells flowing freely to deliver plenty of fresh oxygen, and to infuse your body with natural energy.


Pure Body (4 drops) and Pure Body Extra Strength (4 sprays)

3 capsules of Supergreens + D. These are brilliant! Greens are so good for you and it can be a challenge to fit in multiple servings of broccoli, barley grass and spinach every day.  Not only do they support my immune system they help to balance my body’s pH and help to keep the correct bacterial balance for my digestive system.


Pure Body (4 drops) and Pure Body Extra Strength (4 sprays)

2 capsules of Wellspring.  These support my joints and my heart, and they nourish my system!


When you practise preventative healthcare it opens the door for self-love and true accountability.  Honouring yourself in this way – mind, body, and soul — will enable you to create a healthy lifestyle and make the best possible choices for your personal health and wellbeing.  You’ll have the energy you need to step up and celebrate being everything you want to be, and you will feel alive, alert, patient and loving.