Six Essential Facts that an empowered woman would never do…

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There’s nothing more attractive than a woman with purpose and a smile! I’ve had the privilege to meet so many wonderful positive women throughout my career and have noticed that the women who say they feel visibly attractive are the women who have grasped that to access their own unique authentic beauty, to look and feel really beautiful deep within themselves, are women who know how important it is to include some emotional healing and personal development work.

Personal development, transformational bodywork, emotional healing whichever you wish to call it, opens the door to personal empowerment and freedom.

My experience has shown me that these six essential steps help you to become the woman you deserve to be!

  • An empowered woman never seeks validation from others. She knows her mind and her worth. She will always give her time and commitment to practicing the art of self-love and self-care which she will practice with patience and consistency.
  • An inspired empowered woman doesn’t feel the need to be unkind about others, berate others, or be in competition with others. She knows deep within that we all have our unique skills, beautiful and powerful attributes to make significant contribution within the world. An empowered woman will work at enhancing her own unique purpose and will enjoy her journey.
  • An empowered woman will never spend a prolonged period in a situation that does not serve her highest good. Be this a toxic relationship, unhealthy lifestyle, or spending time in an environment that drains her passion and energy. When her environment doesn’t feel good or enhance her emotional, spiritual, financial, physical well-being she will make change.
  • An empowered woman will not lie to herself. By working on her personal development, she blossoms and thrives, even though at times its challenging, stretching, and can be uncomfortable, she will pursue living life with honesty and authenticity and continued growth.
  • A realized empowered woman will never disregard the importance of her healthy and vitality. She will invest daily in rest, rejuvenation, meditation, nourishing nutrition, good hydration, it is that allows her to and of course laughter! An empowered woman knows she can’t be the very best version of herself when she’s running on empty.
  • An empowered woman never blames others or makes excuses. She will not deny   self-responsibility and accountability. She knows that blaming others is just another excuse for not working on her inner game. A Happy empowered woman knows that when something goes terribly wrong and life throws her a curved ball  it’s a sign for her to step back, go within and ask what it is she needs to learn, what is she being shown for her highest good so she can adapt to ensure she moves beyond repeating and attracting the lesson.

My teachings have shown me, that our lives here on earth have tremendous purpose. We are here to experience (the good and the bad) we’re here to enjoy, to live a passionate life, to experience creativity, self-expression, to love, to laugh, to cry, to gain, to lose, and to work on our personal development. Its only through these incredible experiences we get the opportunity to deepen our trust and connect with the tremendous all-knowing power each of us holds within. Its time to connect within!

With Love and Vitality

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