Ten ways to make a positive change to your life

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  1. Take a little time each day to concentrate on your breath.  When you breathe deeply everything slows down and you become centred and calm.  I highly recommend Jayme Barrett’s powerful deep breathing exercise in her book ‘Feng Shui Your Life’.
  2. Practise regular cleansing to rejuvenate your elimination channels.  The major elimination channels designed to eliminate the toxic build up in your body are the skin, lungs, kidneys, colon, and lymphatic system.  Cleanse and purify with Pure Body & Pure Body Extra strength, and invest in a natural bristle skin brush and treat yourself to Skin Brushing several times a week.
  3. Boost your oxytocin levels by giving and receiving hugs!  This wonderfully warm gesture of affection and connection has a powerful effect on your wellbeing.  Hugging is extremely effective at relieving anxiety and depression, and feelings of loneliness.  Did you know we need at least eight hugs a day to feel good, and in order to really grow and thrive emotionally and spiritually we need at least twelve hugs per day.  If you don’t have anyone to hug, don’t worry!  It’s a scientific fact that hugging yourself releases the same amount of oxytocin as hugging someone else.  This is because the brain doesn’t know the difference between you hugging yourself, and someone else hugging you.  Give yourself a hug!
  4. Practise mindfulness.  We have approximately 60,000 thoughts a day so choose your thoughts carefully because we become what we think.  Notice how your body contracts and becomes tight with negative or anxious thoughts and how it expands and feels light with positive thoughts.  When you change your thoughts you change your experiences.
  5. Nourish your body with life enhancing nutrient rich food. There are very few illnesses and imbalances that cannot be healed with the power of alkaline antioxidant rich nutrition.  Steam your vegetables only very lightly and aim to increase the amount of raw food you eat so that your daily diet consists of 70% raw food.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you see a difference in your health and you’ll feel so well and energised!
  6. Exercise!  Move your body every day with the aim of breaking into a sweat.  When I sweat I like to think of all the toxins that are being released and it’s almost as if the fat I’m losing is crying as I burn it off!  The release of endorphins through exercise triggers positive feelings, reduces stress, and improves your sleep.  Exercise is a natural drug that strengthens your heart, reduces blood pressure, tones and shapes your body, and gives you back your mojo!
  7. Hydrate your beautiful body!  Hydration is the key to preventing illness, imbalances, and disease.  It’s amazing to think that we are made up of 75% water.  Our blood is made up of 83% water, muscles consist of 76% water, the brain contains 74.5% water, and the liver is made up of 86% water.  With these percentages in mind it’s easy to understand why your body becomes stressed when you let yourself get dehydrated, and why it’s harder for your organs to function as they should.  You should be drinking enough water so that you’re urinating between eight to ten times a day, even more frequently in the summer, and your urine should be clear.
  8. Be mindful about what you apply to your skin.  Your skin is your largest elimination organ and almost 80% of what you apply to your skin is absorbed into your blood stream.  If you imagine your blood as being ‘the river of life’ you won’t want to contaminate it.  Be mindful about what products are seeping into your blood and use only good quality pure botanical based skin care products.
  9. Make time to work on healing yourself emotionally.  Emotional healing has a hugely beneficial impact on your physical, emotional, and spiritual body.  Emotional healing helps to break down and release accumulated stress so that you can move forward and create the life you desire.  There are many types of healing treatments so find one that resonates with you and enjoy the process of dissolving emotional blockages and releasing the acute stress in your life.
  10. Love and laugh as much as you possibly can!  When you engage in activities that make you feel great your vibration rises to a higher frequency and this in turn attracts more love and laughter into your life.  The universe always matches your vibration like for like because the law of attraction responds to whatever it is you’re thinking and feeling.

With Love and Vitality

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