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Have you ever felt overwhelmed or anxious at the thought of developing new business? 

I want to share something with you that can nip those anxious thoughts in the bud and not let them thwart your creative plans.

First of all, if you’ve ever felt anxious about starting a new business venture, I want to assure you that you’re not alone! 

It’s prevalent when you’re operating from the old paradigm to feel overwhelmed at the prospect of developing a business from grassroots. As the creator of The Soulful Woman, I still sometimes catch myself slipping into the old paradigm way of thinking, and this happens when outdated emotional patterns reassert themselves and cause my energy levels to dip.

If you’re wondering what the old paradigm is, it’s when money, for example, becomes the principal motivation for setting up in business as opposed to passion and purpose. The tighter we cling to this method of building businesses, the more we’ll create the negative and fearful patterns that thwart the very progress we’d hoped to achieve.

The new paradigm, on the other hand, is to be of service to others by using your unique gifts and creativity. When this is the prime motivation behind your creative projects, services, or business, and when you are dedicated to living an authentic life and to releasing fear-based attachments to money, the income you need and/or desire will roll in effortlessly.

When you create a business from your heart space, there aren’t any limits and everyone benefits — aligning with my authentic self because I experience and an internal hit of joy which is like an orgasm in my solar plexus. It’s the feeling that reassures me that I am on the right track!

When we focus on how much income we want to generate, this takes us further away from the creative process of developing a business motivated by passion and sharing. This feeling causes us to become anxious, obsessed, and irrational. These emotions cause a huge energy drain on our mind, body and spirit. We feel tired and unable to cope and then as a consequence, what happens is that we unwittingly end up sabotaging our own health and our relationships.

I am well acquainted with the old paradigm, with these hooks of fear and scarcity and having dealt with massive financial failure in the past they’d begun to feel like old friends they were so frequent and familiar! Fearful feelings still surface now and again, and if I wasn’t vigilant I could get caught in a downward spiral but rather than pour myself a large glass of wine or reach for a bowl of Doritos I put my running shoes on!

It is a proven fact that if you want to achieve your ultimate happiness and success in life, you need to pay attention in equal measure to all aspects of your life – emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical and financial. Integrating the daily practice of walking into my life has been such a gift for me because it’s helped me to redesign my life. I call my walking practice: The One Hour and Forty Minute Life Plan.

If you don’t practise mediation and you don’t have any other daily practices to help you access your inner clarity, I strongly suggest you take up walking because the benefits are life-changing. You don’t need fancy expensive gear, a pair of old sweat pants will do, and while you can’t go wrong with a good pair of running shoes, they’re not essential.

When we integrate walking as a daily, practise we create the space to sense the inner nudges from our authentic self, and we when we connect to our authentic self in this way we become more aware of our blueprint. Your blueprint can be likened to an internal navigation map which has all the answers you’re looking for, and it’s this blueprint that enables you to get to where you want to be in life, and by the quickest and most effective means possible.

Walking as a daily practice strengthens your body and clears your mind. And it’s in this state of calm that you’ll be able to access your core which will enable you to hear the answers to your questions concerning the different areas of your life.

The longer you can walk each day, the clearer and more integrated you’ll become. Initially, you might not think you have the time to go out for a walk, and you may even feel guilty for taking time out when you think you should be working. However, I promise you that be permitting yourself to make walking part of your daily routine you will be so much more productive. Not only that – you’ll feel clear-headed, you’ll sleep better, eat better and you’ll be able to create all you wish to develop and effortlessly!

Try it and see the rewards are so worth it!

With Love & Gratitude 







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